What’s currently happening in the Boroughbridge & District Historical Society?

  • At the moment, our public talks and meetings are suspended until further notice. However, many of our members are still undertaking research, so please do get in touch if you are interested in the history of Boroughbridge and the surrounding area.
  • The monthly archive meetings, usually on the first Friday of each month, are to recommence from October, but these will be strictly for committee members only. However, all meetings are subject to possible change and cancellation due to national or local circumstances.
  • Our recently published book on the history of Boroughbridge is still available for sale, see below for more details. Order yours now for Christmas!
  • We are increasing the frequency that newsletters are sent out to members. You can also download the newsletters from this page. Contributions are welcome – see below for more details.

bdhs2Our recently published book on the history of Boroughbridge is still available for sale, price £15. Copies may be obtained from Pybus Newsagents, or from Boroughbridge Post Office. Or you can contact us to find out other ways to buy.

The committee has met twice recently using Zoom. Our main item for discussion was whether to recommence our monthly meetings in September. We considered government guidance relating to community club meetings, the availability of suitable venues for meetings, the age profile of our membership and the practical issues involved in managing meetings safely.

bhsactivities1After a thorough discussion, with arguments for and against on the table, we decided not to recommence meetings in September.
The committee will meet again shortly to consider any developments that might cause us to reconsider our decision. Our paramount concern is the safety of our members. While we appreciate many people will be missing the social aspects of society meetings, we feel that at this stage it would not be wise to encourage gatherings where social distancing
would be difficult.

bhsactivities3As regards membership fees, we agreed that all current members would continue to be members without paying a renewal fee in September. When we do eventually recommence meetings, we will calculate what the 2020-2021 fee will be (if anything).
We will make sure that you are not paying for sessions that were cancelled because of Covid 19. If winter sees a big increase in infections and, as a result, we are unable to recommence until Easter 2021,
existing members will have no fee to pay for 2020-2021.
We will have missed a full year of meetings in this scenario!

To keep in touch with members we will continue to provide newsletters. However, their frequency will very much depend on how much material members submit for inclusion. We would very much like you to consider sending us:

1. Articles based on any reading, watching, listening and researching you have done during lockdown. These can be as short as you like, but no longer than 2000 words please.
2. Links to websites you have found interesting with a summary of what they contain.
3. Reviews of history books or historical novels you have been enjoying (or not enjoying).
4. Recollections you have of life in the past, e.g. school days, attitudes to women, family life, life in a particular decade, e.g. Were the sixties really so swinging?
5. Any thoughts and feelings you want to share about Covid 19 and your lockdown experience. Who knows, future historians may need these when considering how the pandemic affected everyday life.
Please submit anything for publication in the next newsletter by mid-November.

Many of our members will still be undertaking research, so please do get in touch if you are interested in the history of Boroughbridge.