History of Boroughbridge Book Project

With the Dog Kennel Lane project completed, the society is now undertaking an ambitious new venture, the writing of a book on the history of Boroughbridge.

Mike Tasker has drawn up a list of possible areas to research and he has agreed to lead on this project. Members can access ongoing work in the Members’ Area of this website.

If you feel you would like to be involved in any way please do get in touch. You do not have do be a member of the society.

We must stress that you do not need to be an experienced writer or professional historian to be involved! This is an inclusive venture and anyone with enthusiasm is welcome.

Areas of Research:

  1. Boroughbridge through the Ages
  2. Battle of Boroughbridge
  3. Parliamentary Elections
  4. Civil Admin, Law and Order
  5. Churches
  6. Transport
  7. Education
  8. Health
  9. Trade and Industry
  10. Banking
  11. Veterinary Service
  12. Farming
  13. Entertainment
  14. Military
  15. Flooding
  16. Buildings
  17. Personalities
  18. Infrastructure
  19. Pubs and Hostelries
  20. Sport
  21. Social Activities
  22. Population Data, Statistics

Latest Update – July 2018

We are hoping to complete this project and have the book published and ready for December.

Areas still needing attention – can you help?

  1. Photos for pubs and hostelries

Black Swan with Mary Wright at the door

Black Lion

Blinking Owl

Three Arrows

Queen’s Head

Royal Oak

White Hart

Malt Shovel


  1. Public Utilities

Water & Sewage -done

Gas – Photos to add, –  then done

Electricity – Nearly done

Fire Service – half done, bits to add already available

Telecoms – Peter Audsley article to edit and enter

  1. Music and Drama

Almost complete

  1. Social Activities

One more story to add – Marina creation, Paul Sinkinson

  1. Sport

Article to be assembled, go with what we‘ve got

  1. Statistics

Population statistics already entered, = add info about changing employment patterns reflecting social change from early 1820s to 1911. 

  1. Review of quality of photos
  1. Additions /Subtractions/Suggestions
  1. Proof Reading