Field Walking

Under the guidance of our Project Leader and Archaeologist, Kevin Cale, we had three sessions of field walking over two fields in our study area in Autumn, 2014.
We walked over recently drilled fields of wheat, scanning the soil surface looking for flint, unglazed pottery and any other objects not obviously modern.
Their location was noted using GPS and the finds were placed in plastic bags and marked with a grid reference. Items were cleaned with water and a toothbrush, dried, identified as far as possible, and photographed.
Most of the finds were flint tools, flakes or waste from flint knapping. The flint had to have been brought here deliberately by people, showing that humans have used this landscape for at least 4,500 years.

Kevin Cale logging finds with the help of Geoff Harris, Wendy Jakeman and a young HOPS member.