Pandora Thoresby and Laurie Reed.

We conducted geophysics in an area of the field where, whilst ploughing in the 1970s, Alan Pearson unearthed an inscribed flat stone and a quern stone. The inscribed stone was unfortunately thrown down a nearby disused well. The quern stone was taken to York Museum in the 1970’s, the documentation was lost, and the stone cannot now be located.
Nine members of the project were in attendance with Community Archaeologists Kevin Cale and Jon Kenny.
This survey was conducted using resistivity equipment. We did five 20-metre squares taking readings every half metre (compared to every metre on our previous geophysics work).
Jon Kenny conducted a preliminary interpretation of the results on site and we all felt encouraged by the computer print-out showing the possibility of historical activity.  More detailed information will become available when Jon Kenny reports on the results.
It was a great response on the day for geophysics and thanks to everyone for their efforts. I felt it was a back-aching but rewarding day and certainly broadened our experiences.
No geophysics was conducted in the blue square.                              David Barley

11-Knowles Field (Interpretation)