Maps Survey

Map Surveys for Dog Kennel Lane Project

Warburton’s Map of 1720 shows the pre-Roman Ryknield Street, west of Boroughbridge and Aldborough.
Jeffrey’s Map of Yorkshire 1771 shows Broom Close, Mulwith and Brampton Hall. It includes the Dog Kennel Lane track through to Newby Hall entrance with a fork to the south towards the river. Willow Garth Wood is not shown.  Mulwith is spelt Murwith. The towpath is shown crossing from the north to the south bank of the River Ure. Four Devil’s Arrows are shown.
Greenwood’s Map of 1817. Broom Close, Mulwith and Brampton Hall are shown, but not named, Carriage Drive is shown east to west. Linear rectangular dot and dash marking may indicate a possible township.
Teesdale’s Map of 1828. Shows Broom Close and Brampton Hall. Mulwith is shown as two buildings. Carriage drive, towpath and Three Devil’s Arrows are included.
Early 19th Century Kirby Hill-Langthorpe exchanges enclosure award.
Dog Kennel Lane/Brampton road is shown 20ft wide. Willow Garth Wood is shown as a rectangle covering 1 acre 1 rood 16 perch. Four-sided area of water in south-west corner taking up slightly more than a quadrant. Duck Pond is shown near Gill’s new farm built 2014. Footpath end of strip running west-south-west towards Brampton Pond is unnamed. Suggestion of bank running from Willow Garth Wood to Dog Kennel Lane.
1842 Plan of the township of Langthorpe
Field number 60 Dog Kennels shown as rectangular building with an enclosed yard to front on to Dog Kennel Lane. Field 54 shows Willow Garth Wood. Field 53 Still shows embankment.
John Husthwaite’s 6ins Map of 1842. Shows zig-zag township boundary between Langthorpe and Brampton.
Dog kennels shown as before. Willow Garth Wood is shown as ‘L’ shaped, possibly inverted by mistake.
North Yorkshire County Records Office Microfilm 511 Willow Garth Wood shown as pond. Four-acres east of pond was called Hold thy Own Field.
National Library of Scotland 0S 6inch to the mile: 1852 Lowfield Lane named.
We also looked at Speed’s Map of 1610, Ogilby’s of 1680, Tuke’s of 1787 and Langdale’s of 1822. They had little relevance to the area studied.
OS 6ins 1855 Sheet 138. (Brampton)
Guide Post 438057 467305 L shaped feature in NE quadrant, inverted foot shaped, no trees, track on southern boundary. (Willow Garth Wood not named) 438006 467360 structure/feature rectilinear north-west corner of wood on field boundary. 438110 467174 Small square building south of Willow Garth Wood possible stock shelter east of the bank. 438056 467158 South of Willow Garth Wood possible stock shelter east of the bank.438056 467158 Small square building west of the bank on field edge.
Note: Dog Kennel Lane referred to as Lowfield Lane.
438092 466838 pond, 438113 466840 pond. The ponds are each side of Lowfield Lane. 438108 461514 pond, 437753 467227 pond, 437632 466574 rectangular building aligned east-west. 437099 466813 Small square building. 436689 466575 Brampton Hall Orchard. 436733 466649 ‘L’ shaped pond, 436809 466654 residual avenue of trees, 436589 466528 Bridge disused. 437296 467297 Small building south-east alignment near water course.
OS 6ins 1856 YKS sheet 137 (Mulwith)
436308 466814 pond, 436325 466814 pond, 436312 466870 pond, 436476 466877 large pond. 436326 466677 Mulwith Orchard donkey gin in buildings. (round end) 436260 467283 cruciform building. 436470 467277 Small building. 435928 467320 pond, 435952 467075 pond, 435686 467324 bridge on water course leading to grotto. 435610 467174 grotto. 435710 466934 bench mark. 435592 466727 ferry, 436312 466473 pond. 436228 466633 pond.