1611 Survey of Boroughbridge

During 2024, the society are planning to work on a new project involving a document that has recently come to light, ‘Survey of Boroughbridge 1611’ which was discovered at Nottingham University. The handwritten document in 17th Century English, which is quite difficult to read, has been transcribed for us by Joyce Evans, a local historian. Some of the street and place names are familiar to us today, Fishergate, Market Place, (Little) Roecliffe Lane and some are not, Walkergate, Micklegate, Briggate. It also lists all the male residents that were entitled to vote, their names and street names. The plan is to build on this information, try and create a map of the town at the time and find out more information about the residents and places. Hopefully, we can update you on progress over the coming year.